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do boldly.

To do something boldly means a few things. It means doing the hard work, the grind, the deep dive to unearth the often elusive underlying concept. It means doing what’s necessary to express that concept, even if it’s unorthodox, requires new skills, or frightens a little.

Great designers are that instrument that opens the door to that bold place you might not have considered. We create the space where your vision becomes visual. It’s not easy, but that’s what I’m here for. That’s the philosophy I bring to my endeavors and what I’ll bring to yours. 

Following are some examples from my nearly two-decades of experience honing that credo.

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Beyond typography and grids, symbols lie at the core of graphic design, and the thrill of creating a new one is what originally drew me to this profession. 

Back in school, I was trained in the Bauhaus and Swiss styles, but I like to think I eschew any one style.


I do what's right for the concept, as long as it's meaningful.


What all my designs share is that I seek to winnow any symbol down to the barest essence of the idea(s) that must be conveyed. It's the most frustrating—and ultimately rewarding—part of being a designer.

case study

Everything new is old again in this burlesque-inspired variety show.

TripleSpoke Wheel (1).jpg

case study

This system speaks and what it says is "Design connects all."

Philip Black
Founder of TripleSpoke

Wielding sharply honed skill sets in identity, print and online media, Clint makes a phenomenal addition to any design team. His natural enthusiasm to learn and adopt creative technologies makes him a vast resource of executional savvy, and allows him to produce work at a pace rare in the industry. 

Beyond that, he’s a crack copywriter which is a great pairing to his sense of meaningful design and awareness of brand identity. As a team member, Clint possesses a warm and engaging personality, quickly developing excellent rapport with clients and fellow teammates alike. His ability to take initiative and innovate when necessary means that Clint adds quantifiable value at every level.

case study

An identity as robust as as its founder and strong as a cup of java.

HCC logo.jpg
Shachar Meron.jpg

Shachar Meron
Co-founder of BatesMeron

Clint is one of the most brilliant polymaths in Chicago. He's a designer who can write. He's a writer who can design. He's a critic who creates and a creative who critiques. Small wonder he's making his mark as both a thought leader and a productive member of society. 

Clint May? No—Clint will.

case study

An Austrian architect is the foundation of this organic design.


I'm a stickler for grids when it comes to long-form print, and even more so when it comes to file architecture. When it comes to short-form, illustration is my preference (whether my own or directing a professional), because it is such a useful way to stand out in a sea of photography. 

Way back in 2000, I got my start in print and prepress, working at a shop to clean up files while learning theory at Iowa State University. Those two experiences still feed into my rigorous back-end construction that frees me craft a creative front-end. Even when using photography, I like to find ways to tweak it to give it something that bends it towards the core idea (especially since stock photos are typically necessary). 

As with anything, I strive for an engaging concept that drives every decision. I've worked with some amazing copywriters and directors over the years, crafting concepts that feed into everything from catalogs to brochures, posters to books.

case study

A rebranding requires a heroic new book for this construction company.

Gallant Building Solutions brochure