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100waters group

Logo and business card

The mark

100waters takes its name from the literal translation of the (assumed) surname of artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser. An Austrian who spent a lot of time in New Zealand, Hundertwasser's style eschewed straight lines in favor of playful shapes. 

The mark is a combination of an enclosure and path (elaborated below). Combined, they represent the organic, nonlinear growth of a business. It’s not a straight line, but with the help of 100waters group, navigating through the sometimes messy but natural obstacles to success is possible. 

100waters primary logo.png

The Enclosure
Based on forms found in cross sections of nature, from geodes to trees to topographic maps to lakes, the enclosure reflects Hunderwasser’s disdain for straight lines (which do not exist in nature) and a love of playful, protean forms. 

The path
Hunderwasser’s favorite form was the spiral, one of nature’s most popular solutions. It appears in not only many of his painted works, but his proposed design for the New Zealand flag. This is likely owing to its deeply symbolic meaning stemming from the shape of the Koru (itself based on the silver frond plant) which represents new life, growth, strength and peace. 

Business card

Custom-made topographic map lines radiate throughout this design, set in a spot varnish to bring the card to life as it moves in the light. 

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