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Making a construction company feel sexy isn’t easy. But when the client believes in you—you take it to the highest echelon. For this brochure, the client wanted a piece that would be the “BMW of brochures.” Filled with heroic images of the work-a-day man and exuberant spreads of color, this brochure brings a touch of luxury and style to a business not generally associated with class.

Gallant 1.jpg
Gallant 4.jpg
Gallant 2.jpg
Gallant 3.jpg

Because the new Gallant brand didn't yet exist, existing stock images had to be retouched. In this case, jackets and helmets were recolored and the Gallant typography was embroidered on the pockets

Gallant 5.jpg

Semi-translucent pages punctuate the brochure, allowing for layered effects.

Gallant 5c.jpg
Gallant 5b.jpg
Gallant 6.jpg

A small but tricky Photoshop addition required placing the logo beneath the mud and grime of this stock construction worker image.

Gallant 7.jpg

The use of a spot color in the Gallant brand red allowed for gorgeous large floods of color on the thick, textured paper.

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