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St. Laurence High School

Student brochure

St. Laurence High School had recently commissioned a new identity from designer Aaron DeYoe and needed several new items that promoted the new program. First among those was their admissions brochure. One of my favorite methods for creating a grid design is to choose something unique and somewhat difficult, so to promote the new elements of the St. Laurence brand, I made the chevron the primary basis to unite the spreads. It creates a bold and surprising layout that reinforces the new identity and gives new avenues for its expression.

STL 1.jpg

These patterns were used as inspiration for the grid (particularly the leftmost and rightmost), while the middle pattern was used in a lighter version for the background in several places.

STL ref.jpg
STL 2.jpg
STL 4_edited.jpg
STL 3.jpg
STL 5.jpg
STL 6.jpg
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