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[plug + play]

Lookbook + catalog

To launch the new [plug + play] campaign, Plug Connection commissioned a book showcasing their many easy-to-use programs. Anchored by a rigid grid system, the design finds playful ways to work within it to add variety across spreads. Combined with lush photography and whimsically surreal pops of plants and plugs, this lookbook generated buzz the length of the three-year campaign.

plug and play lookbook 1.jpg
plug + play lookbook 4.jpg
plug + play lookbook 6.jpg
plug and play lookbook 3.jpg
plug + play lookbook 5.jpg
plug and play lookbook 7.jpg

This 100+ page catalog for Plug Connection was promoting their three-year-long promotion of [plug + play]. Hundreds of products had to be placed and organized with several weeks of constant editing and the complexity of managing files, paragraph and character styles, master pages, tables, grids, etc.

plug + play catalog Cover.jpg
plug + play catalog 2.jpg
plug and play lookbook 2.jpg
plug + play catalog 1.jpg
plug + play catalog 4.jpg
plug + play catalog 3.jpg
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