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Website concept

Author Jay Bonansinga—of The Walking Dead fame—came to Gameflow in need of a site to promote his young adult novel Lucid and its accompanying products, events, blog, etc. Bonansinga requested a dark, gritty feel for the site design, replete with steampunk elements covered in rust and an overall feeling of being underwater. Using a combination of stock images, Photoshop texture brushes and hand-drawn graphics, we created a haunting site that reinforces the book’s central themes. One of those themes was the idea of vision, so I created a landing homepage with an eerie, barely-glimpsed monstrosity that eases the audience down into the main site as if they were plunging into the creepy atmosphere of the book.

Lucid Cocnept Site
Lucid 1.png
Lucid 2.png
Lucid 3.png
Lucid 4.jpg
lucid 1.JPG
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