Grandma's house

The original layout given to me by IN-teriors' designers. This was presented to the client for installation at the Epic campus in Wisconsin. This design provided the room's major furniture, layout, lighting, etc. It was my job to recreate the room in Cinema 4D with greater realism and to add a Wolf character awaiting Red Riding Hood.

Grandmas house 1.png

Elements for the new room were based on real life objects, the original model and pure flights of fancy.

Granmas house 3.png

An in-progress look at the room as it evolved.

Granmas house 2.png

The wolf was custom created with modeling and sculpting, with fur added later.

Granmas house 6.jpg

An early hi-resolution render showing all elements in place.

Granmas house 4.jpg

The finished Wolf character involved several layers of fur for a shaggier look.

wolf 1.JPG

I was able to inject a few puns, including a Get 'Well' card from Jack and Jill, and some appropriate reading material for the Wolf.

wolf 2.JPG

The final image included stock curtains and a forest added in Photoshop.

Granmas house final.jpg

Finished project in situ

Grandma's House in situ.png